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Site of Ireland’s First Harp Festival: Granard, Co Longford

On the main street in Granard, a plaque denotes the town’s connection to traditional Irish Harp music. In 1781, they hosted the country’s very first harp festival at the Market House. The festival was hosted by a Granard-born business man named John Dungan who wanted to raise public interest in harp music. The festival was […]

Saint Patrick Atop Ireland’s Highest Motte: Granard, Co Longford

Known as Patrick’s Motte or the Granard Motte, this man-made hill was built in 1199 and overlooks the modern town. It is surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped earthen wall called a bailey (that’s where places like Ballybunion get their name) and served as an early fort. At 534 feet above sea level, it claims to be […]

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