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Dunaghmore High Cross: Dunaghmore, Co Tyrone

Standing at the crossroads at the top of town, this high cross shows several Biblical scenes in its panels. In 2011, a replica was placed in the cemetery behind the cross and gives a nice look at how the carvings may have looked centuries ago. Also within the cemetery, the O’Neill Monument is worth a […]

President Grant Ancestral Home: Dungannon, Co Tyrone

The United States Civil War hero and 18th President of the US, Ulysses S. Grant’s has maternal roots that go back to the Simpson farm (that’s where he gets the “S” in his name) in County Tyrone. The cottage has been restored and is surrounded with 19th century items from farm life. Be sure to […]

Ireland’s Last Beetling Mill: Cookstown, Co Tyrone

I couldn’t resist stopping at a place with a name like beetling mill. Ends up beetling was the final step in Northern Ireland’s once-booming linen production. The original 1790s machinery inside still works.  The site is beautifully situated, and a walk around the back to see the wheel and sluice gate is worth a peek. […]

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