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Crossing the Bridge and the IRA Monument: Killaloe, Co Clare

Today, the historic arched bridge that crosses the Shannon River to connect the villages of Ballina in Co Tipperary and Killaloe in Co Clare adds to the charm of the area. However, in 1920 four members of the IRA were executed on the bridge by British forces. The men were accused of attacking a barracks […]

Oscar Wilde in the Park: Dublin

The jury’s out on whether Mr. Wilde would approve of the slightly bawdy statue commemorating him in Merrion Square. Perched on a rock in the park with a green carnation in his lapel (an historic clue to his homosexuality), the dapper writer’s gaze is split between the feminine figure of his pregnant wife on one […]

Patrick Kavanagh on the Grand Canal, Dublin

Ireland is known for honoring her writers. When Patrick Kavanagh stated the best way to memorialize him was with a bench, Dublin gave him a permanent spot along the Grand Canal with a statue by John Coll. Wikipedia: Patrick Kavanagh Story Map: Kavanagh’s Parnassus Come Here to Me: Kavanagh’s two Dublin seats and an international […]

A Visit to Yeats’ Grave: Drumcliff, Co Sligo

The Pulitzer Prize winning poet W. B. Yeats died in France in 1939, but according to his wishes he was interned in the cemetery at St. Columba’s Church of Ireland. His request read… “Under bare Ben Bulben’s head In Drumcliff churchyard Yeats is laid. An ancestor was rector there Long years ago, a church stands […]

Broome Bridge and Sir Hamilton’s Eureka Moment: Cabra, Co Dublin

Eureka! The Irish invention that helped to land a man on the Moon. This plaque is by the Royal Canal at Broome Bridge. It’s far from Dublin’s beaten track, yet, it is a place of pilgrimage to those in the know, and hundreds gather to mark the anniversary every October 16th. And what are they […]

Exploring the Hill of Tara – Sacred Well, Sheela-na-gig, and Sloping Trenches: Tara, Co Meath

Most people who visit Tara spend 20 minutes going to the top and back – and they miss so much. Tara has many hidden corners, and here are three of my favourites. The Sloping Trenches: these two round earthworks are away from the main track, on the quiet western side. They veer off the edge, […]

Cole Monument: Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

Cole’s Monument stands high on Fort hill within Forthill Park & can be seen from anywhere in the town below. It was built in honour of Sir Galbraith Cole, who was one of Wellington’s generals and the son of the first Earl of Enniskillen. Started in 1845, it took 12 years to complete. 180 spiral […]

Brownshill Dolmen: Ballynakillbeg, Co Carlow

This megalithic portal dolmen is thought to have been built between 4000 & 3000 BC by some of the earliest farmers to inhabit Ireland. The capstone of the Dolmen is reported to weigh an estimated 100 tonnes & reputed to be the heaviest in Europe. Wikipedia: Brownshill Dolmen Megalithic Ireland: Brownes Hill Portal Tomb Irish […]

Ireland’s Manliest Statue: Sixmilebridge, Co Clare

In what is probably the manliest sculpture in Ireland, artist Shane Gilmore gives us a shirtless, limestone lad marching unimpeded through the waters of the O’Garney River carrying the heavy tools of millwork, thus giving the artwork it’s title, The Miller Returns. The reference comes from 17th Century settlers of Dutch origin who started a […]

A Titanic Memorial to John Flynn: Clonbur, Co Galway

While many Irish were leaving the country for a better life elsewhere, John Flynn had already established himself in Pennsylvania. He had returned to Clonbur to visit his sister, but an urgent letter from his wife called him back earlier than expected. The Boat Agent who sold him a ticket for the Titanic was located […]

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