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The Lucky Ducks of St Stephen’s Green: Dublin

While St Stephen’s Green is popular with locals and visitors needing a break from the city, during the 1916 uprising, the park was a battle site. The grounds keeper of the day James Kearney wouldn’t let revolution endanger his rare breeds of ducks. He convinced both sides to stop fighting for one hour a day […]

Oscar Wilde in the Park: Dublin

The jury’s out on whether Mr. Wilde would approve of the slightly bawdy statue commemorating him in Merrion Square. Perched on a rock in the park with a green carnation in his lapel (an historic clue to his homosexuality), the dapper writer’s gaze is split between the feminine figure of his pregnant wife on one […]

Patrick Kavanagh on the Grand Canal, Dublin

Ireland is known for honoring her writers. When Patrick Kavanagh stated the best way to memorialize him was with a bench, Dublin gave him a permanent spot along the Grand Canal with a statue by John Coll. Wikipedia: Patrick Kavanagh Story Map: Kavanagh’s Parnassus Come Here to Me: Kavanagh’s two Dublin seats and an international […]

Mummies in the Crypt at St. Michan’s Church: Smithfield, Co Dublin

Above ground, the church houses an organ Handel supposedly favored and rehearsed his Messiah. Underground, the church’s crypts are an experience unto themselves. You’ll find yourself guided down the cobweb-lined stairs to vaults that house the death mask of early Irish rebel Wolff Tone and the coffins of the Sheare brothers whose sentences in the […]

Dublin’s Secret Garden at Blessington Basin: Dublin, County Dublin

Opened in the 1810 to provide clean water to Dublin’s north side, the basin was officially named the Royal George Reservoir in honor of King George III. Water was piped two miles from County Westmeath along the Royal Canal, and in its day, the basin provided water to the Jameson and Power’s distilleries. The park […]

The Relics of St Valentine: Dublin City, Co Dublin

On a street between St Stephen’s Green and St Patrick’s Cathedral, a pair of gold statues mark the entrance to Whitefriar Street Church. Run by the Carmelite community, the church and gift shop are filled with an abundance of religious statuary. It’s a quiet oasis in Dublin City Centre and welcomes a steady stream of […]

The Mummified Cat and Rat of Christ Church Cathedral: Dublin, Co Dublin

Most people visit Christ Church Cathedral for its lofty interior, stained glass windows, colorful tile floor, the tomb of Strongbow, and the underground crypt, but it’s the two unexpected residents who catch many people’s attention. A cat and a rat were discovered in an organ pipe in the 1850s, and their mummified bodies are now […]

Mosaic at the Garden of Remembrance: Dublin City

At The Garden of Remembrance in North Dublin, there’s a quiet hope for peace and an echo of ancient Ireland in the design of the  mosaics which line the reflecting pool. To signify the end of conflict and the coming of a time of peace in ancient days, warriors threw their weapons into a body […]

The Birthplace of James Napper Tandy: Dublin City

While exploring the medieval district of Dublin you may find yourself wandering around the grounds of St. Audeon’s Church. Adjacent to this church once stood the birthplace of James Napper Tandy, a Dublin-born Irish revolutionary, who actively rebelled against the English forces. Tandy was an active member of both the Irish Volunteers and the Society […]

Bodysnatcher Watchtower & a Cemetery Cafe: Glasnevin, Co Dublin

Since the first grave was dug in 1832, Glasnevin has become a who’s who in Irish history. In an era of grave robbers, medical research on corpses without consent, and stories of the undead (Dracula author Bram Stoker was a Dubliner), watchtowers and other security features were part of the sales pitch at Glasnevin which […]

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