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St Mullin’s Monastic Site – Co Carlow

St. Mullin’s Monastic Site in County Carlow was founded in the early 8th century by St. Moling (614-697 AD) with the help of Gobán Saor Ireland’s celebrated builder. It ranks in importance with Glendalough and Clonmacnoise. Set on a hill overlooking a river the extensive ruins includes a cemetery, monastery, abbey, five churches and remains […]

A Sweet Stop at the Chocolate Garden of Ireland: Rath, Co Wicklow/Carlow

Nestled at the edge of County Wicklow, the Chocolate Garden of Ireland is a treat for travelers of any age. While the Chocolate Garden is a tasty stop any day, if you can plan ahead to attend one of their Chocolate Workshops, your whole day will be sweeter.  The hands-on workshop includes a bit of […]

Haroldstown Dolmen: Acaun, Co Carlow

The absolutely stunning portal tomb at Haroldstown is one of the finest examples of its type in Ireland. This Neolithic tomb consists of two large capstones supported by ten vertical stones. There are suggestions that this tomb was actually used as a home for a family during the nineteenth century, with the gaps between the […]

Brownshill Dolmen: Ballynakillbeg, Co Carlow

This megalithic portal dolmen is thought to have been built between 4000 & 3000 BC by some of the earliest farmers to inhabit Ireland. The capstone of the Dolmen is reported to weigh an estimated 100 tonnes & reputed to be the heaviest in Europe. Wikipedia: Brownshill Dolmen Megalithic Ireland: Brownes Hill Portal Tomb Irish […]

Aghade Bullaun Stone: Tullow, Co. Carlow.

Located south of Tullow on the grounds of All Saint Church of Ireland, this site shows us an example of a bullaun stone. These stones feature a cup-shaped hollow that are associated with religion and magic. The water collected in these stones was believed to cure ailments. These stones were common in early Christianity in […]

Rathgall Hill Fort: Rath East, Co Wicklow/Tullow, Co Carlow

Situated on the Carlow/Wicklow border, Rathgall is a fascinating hillside fortification with 8th century outer walls and later medieval inner walls. Vast in scale, it shows it’s former importance as a huge Bronze Age forge. Situated 5km from Tullow off the R725 Shillelagh Road. Signposted with direct access. Carlow Tourism: Rathgall Cultural Heritage Ireland: The […]

Duckett’s Grove: Rainstown, Co Carlow

Built in 1830, Duckett’s Grove’s “Castellated Gothic Revival Style” puts it squarely in the storybook castle category. In recent years, the old walled garden has been restored, and some of the out buildings have been turned into a tea room as well as work areas and shops for local artists. 2012 saw the opening of […]

Miniature Salisbury Cathedral: Myshall, Co Carlow

Built in 1912 by London businessman John Duguid in honor of his wife, Adelaide, and daughter, Constance, who died in a riding accident, the Adelaide Memorial Church is a scale replica of the famous Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England. Locals can direct visitors to where they can get a key to get inside. Discover Ireland […]

Carlow Farmers Market: Co Carlow

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