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Site of Ireland’s First Harp Festival: Granard, Co Longford

On the main street in Granard, a plaque denotes the town’s connection to traditional Irish Harp music. In 1781, they hosted the country’s very first harp festival at the Market House. The festival was hosted by a Granard-born business man named John Dungan who wanted to raise public interest in harp music. The festival was […]

Sean McGuire Music Without Borders Mural: Belfast, Co Antrim

Just a few steps off the Falls Road, there’s a mural that takes a bit of a different angle than the political and topical murals that fill the neighborhood. You’ll see the image of a man playing a fiddle, with several children listening, and Belfast’s Divis hills in the background. This is Sean McGuire. The […]

Trad Music at Jim O’ the Mill: Upperchurch, Co Tipperary

This is a pub, open only on Thursday nights, that is unlike any other. Jim and Kae Ryan welcome everyone for a night of music, singing, story-telling and the craic (fun), as they say. You never know what will happen or who you will meet. The crowd can be eight-year-olds learning the fiddle to 88-year-olds […]

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