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Crossing the Bridge and the IRA Monument: Killaloe, Co Clare

Today, the historic arched bridge that crosses the Shannon River to connect the villages of Ballina in Co Tipperary and Killaloe in Co Clare adds to the charm of the area. However, in 1920 four members of the IRA were executed on the bridge by British forces. The men were accused of attacking a barracks […]

The Lucky Ducks of St Stephen’s Green: Dublin

While St Stephen’s Green is popular with locals and visitors needing a break from the city, during the 1916 uprising, the park was a battle site. The grounds keeper of the day James Kearney wouldn’t let revolution endanger his rare breeds of ducks. He convinced both sides to stop fighting for one hour a day […]

Mebh’s Cairn Knocknarea, Co Sligo

Knocknarea is an iconic landmark in Sligo. Located on the scenic Strandhill road, the small mountain rises prominently with dramatic sheer edges facing Strandhill. There are several cairns on top, the largest called Mebh’s (Maeve) cairn. There is a nice climb to the top with breathtaking views of Strandhill, Sligo town, Rosses point and Lough […]

Barryscourt Castle

Barryscourt Castle is a wonderfully restored tower house, occupying a ancient site. The 16th century castle was home to the Barrymores a powerful branch of the Barry family and is in a bucolic setting near Carrigtowhill in West Cork. © 2013 Michele Erdvig IrelandYes: Barryscourt Castle Heritage Ireland: Barryscourt Castle

Broome Bridge and Sir Hamilton’s Eureka Moment: Cabra, Co Dublin

Eureka! The Irish invention that helped to land a man on the Moon. This plaque is by the Royal Canal at Broome Bridge. It’s far from Dublin’s beaten track, yet, it is a place of pilgrimage to those in the know, and hundreds gather to mark the anniversary every October 16th. And what are they […]

Exploring the Hill of Tara – Sacred Well, Sheela-na-gig, and Sloping Trenches: Tara, Co Meath

Most people who visit Tara spend 20 minutes going to the top and back – and they miss so much. Tara has many hidden corners, and here are three of my favourites. The Sloping Trenches: these two round earthworks are away from the main track, on the quiet western side. They veer off the edge, […]

Mummies in the Crypt at St. Michan’s Church: Smithfield, Co Dublin

Above ground, the church houses an organ Handel supposedly favored and rehearsed his Messiah. Underground, the church’s crypts are an experience unto themselves. You’ll find yourself guided down the cobweb-lined stairs to vaults that house the death mask of early Irish rebel Wolff Tone and the coffins of the Sheare brothers whose sentences in the […]

The Relics of St Valentine: Dublin City, Co Dublin

On a street between St Stephen’s Green and St Patrick’s Cathedral, a pair of gold statues mark the entrance to Whitefriar Street Church. Run by the Carmelite community, the church and gift shop are filled with an abundance of religious statuary. It’s a quiet oasis in Dublin City Centre and welcomes a steady stream of […]

The Royal Celtic Capital of Connacht: Tulsk, Co Roscommon

Covering over four square miles, at least 200 sites and monuments, and tracing through history from the earliest settlement (8,000 years ago) right through Stone Age, Iron Age, and Gaelic Kingship to the latest Medieval – this complex of sites is the ‘Celtic Royal Capital’ of Connacht, the western province of Ireland. Druids, Queen Maeve, […]

The Tomb of the Cormack Brothers: Loughmore, Co Tipperary

In 1858, two Tipperary brothers, Daniel and William Cormack, were convicted of murder. They insisted on their innocence, but the evidence, which was later found to be fabricated, was damning. They were hung outside Nenagh Gaol (Jail) on May 11, 1858, and buried on the prison grounds. Later, a man confessed to the murder, and […]

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