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Irish Gothic Rosserk Friary, County Mayo

Built in the late Irish Gothic style, Rosserk Friary was founded in 1460 by a member of the Joyce family. This community was created for Third Order Franciscans… married men and women who chose to lead a Franciscan life, but due to their marital status could not join the First Order (friars) or the Second […]

The Falconry at Mount Falcon: County Mayo

Mount Falcon Estate has long been known as a getaway for fishermen as the River Moy, which flows through the estate, is Ire;land’s most prolific Wild Atlantic Salmon River. With the addition of the Falconry in early 2014 families have another activity to keep them enjoying this beautiful estate – a Hawk Walk! As your falconer […]

Ballintubber Abbey: Ballintubber, Co Mayo

Ballintubber Abbey is a beautiful historical site of great sacred importance. The Abbey was founded in 1216 and will celebrate 800 years in 2016. The church was built by King Cathal Crovdearg O’Conor and local folklore tells the story that the king built the church there to repay the kindness of a man he once […]

Grainne’s Tower – Killdavnet Castle: Achill Island, Co Mayo

Kildavnet Castle is a simple, 15th century tower located near Dooega on Achill Island. It’s most famous owner was Grainne Mhaol, or Grace O’Malley, the Irish pirate queen. Situated on a picturesque coastline near a small village, and just down the road from the stunning Keem Bay and Ashleam, this strong structure is literally RIGHT […]

Aughavale Cemetery: Westport, Co Mayo

Just outside of Westport about a mile, on the road towards Croagh Patrick and Murrisk, there is a lovely, large cemetery called Aughavale, on the left side of the road (Clew Bay is on the right). It is walled in, but do take the time to park and wander. There are several sections, including new […]

Famine Memorial – A Haunting Reminder: Westport, Co Mayo

This stirring piece of sculpture by John Behan is called ‘coffin ship’, and it looks, from afar, like a bronze sculpture of one of the many tall ships that took the Irish from their homeland to the New World during the time of the Great Famine. However, as you get closer, it may chill you […]

Home of The Quiet Man: Cong, Co Mayo

One of the enduring legends of film history is the John Ford film, The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Set in rural Ireland in the early 20th century, many of the original film locations and buildings can be found around the village of Cong, such as Pat Cohan’s Bar, the river and […]

The Stunning White Cliffs of Ashleam Bay: Ashleam, Co Mayo

Achill Island is very easy to get to, as there is a causeway built, so no ferry is necessary. It’s not far from Westport, perhaps 30 km northwest of the city. And it is definitely worth a day trip to explore it’s infinite views! The Atlantic Drive meanders around the island, and there are many […]

Deserted Village: Achill Island, Co Mayo

Books mention Achill’s abandoned village, but I was surprised when I saw it. An extensive community lived on the site, and remnants of the buildings are roofless, but in good condition. It was quite eerie seeing all this rubble…yet in the distance, I could spot the bright whitewash of the new holiday homes and housing […]

The Origins of the Jack-O-Lantern: Museum of Country Life, Castlebar, Co Mayo

The tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween started in Ireland… except they put their knives to turnips instead (in fact the Irish are credited with the origins of Halloween as well). An example of the carved root veggie is on display in the Museum of Country life along with first-rate exhibits covering many other aspects […]

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