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Three Reasons to Visit the Irish National Stud: Kildare, Co Kildare

Just 30 miles from Dublin, the Irish National Stud is a perfect place to explore just after arriving in Ireland or a nice afternoon trip from Dublin. Three reasons you should visit: The Horses.  The birthline of horse racing royalty across the globe can be traced back to the Irish National Stud.  From the beautiful […]

The Wonderful Barn: Leixlip, Co Kildare

This bizarre structure was commissioned by Katherine Connolly, widow of the extremely wealthy William ‘Speaker’ Connolly. She had it built in 1743 not only as a working grain store, but as an eye catching architectural feature. It is said she started the project to keep the locals employed after a severe famine in 1740-41. Read […]

Craddockstown West Standing Stone: Co Kildare

This standing stone across the road from Punchestown racecourse is definitely worth a visit. The stone is dotted with bits of quartz and the grain of the stone played tricks on my mind as I kept thinking I could see shapes on the stone out of the corner of my mind. The Standing Stone: Craddockstown […]

Devotional Delight at St. Brigid’s Holy Well: Co Kildare

St. Brigid is one of the three patron saints of Ireland, and has dozens of holy wells dedicated to her throughout the island. Echoes of the Goddess Brigid are heard in the Saint’s stories, and some of the wells, like this one, has a wish tree, or a clootie tree, nearby. The well itself has […]

Naas Farmers Market: Co Kildare

Saturdays 10a-3p

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