Conquer the Rock of Dunamase: Aghnahily, Co Laois

The Rock of Dunamase - Photo by Mark Taggart

The Rock of Dunamase – Photo by Mark Taggart via Flickr Creative Commons

Climbing around the ruins at Dunamase feels a bit like discovering a lost city. Enormous chunks of ancient buildings emerge from the hilltop offering a new and interesting view around every corner. The path to the site rises upwards, but it isn’t until you enter the ring of buildings that you realize just how prominently the site towers over the countryside.

Archaeological surveys in the 1990s date it to the 9th century… which is about 700 years later than previously suggested, but that doesn’t take away from its interesting history (see the Irish History Podcast below).

Written by Corey Taratuta

Corey Taratuta

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