Deserted Village: Achill Island, Co Mayo

Famine Village on Achill Island - Photo by Fibbons

Famine Village on Achill Island – Photo by Fibbons via Wikicommons

Books mention Achill’s abandoned village, but I was surprised when I saw it. An extensive community lived on the site, and remnants of the buildings are roofless, but in good condition.

It was quite eerie seeing all this rubble…yet in the distance, I could spot the bright whitewash of the new holiday homes and housing estates. I have to say, the village is a must-see on Achill.

There is megalithic tomb nearby that is worth a hike. The people I met on the way up the hill were lamenting the uphill climb. I was winded by the time I reached the tomb, but the trip down the hill was pleasant.

Written by Corey Taratuta

Corey Taratuta

Corey hosts the Irish Fireside podcast and blog. His writing appears on www.Lonely and, he has been nominated for Irish Blog and Web Awards, and his Irish travel program ranks in the iTunes Top 50 Travel Podcasts. Corey’s Tips | Website

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