St Berrihert’s Kyle and Well: Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary

St Berrihard's Kyle, Co Tipperary

St Berrihard’s Kyle, Co Tipperary

Truly hidden in the Glen of Aherlow, there are no signposts that will lead you to these sites dedicated to St Berrihert (sometimes called Bernihardt). From the road, a stile takes you over the fence to the path lined with rushes.

The circular kyle is made up of more than 75 pieces of stones — many beautifully carved — that have been stacked over three feet high. There is also an ancient bullaun stone at the site which is a round stone that was used to grind herbs. A tree covered in prayer cloths grows inside the circle, and various tokens have been left in and around the stones by those wishing to leave behind something physical with their prayers. This site is believed to have been a graveyard for unbaptized children, and was likely a sacred pre-Christian site as well.

Beyond the kyle, two small gates lead to the the well. Spend a few minutes looking into the spring-fed pool and you’ll see the pure water bubbling up from the ground. The trees around the well are also covered in prayer cloths and tokens. Cups have been tied to branches for those wishing to collect holy water. A rustic path circles the well and is used by the faithful as they pray.

There is certainly something magical about this spot, and it is by far one of the most interesting kyles I’ve ever visited.

The sites are on mostly level ground, but the path can be muddy and the gates and stiles can require some effort. This is an active holy site located in a working field on private land, so visitors must be careful, respectful, and aware of livestock.

Written by Corey Taratuta

Corey Taratuta

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