Timahoe Round Tower: Timahoe, Co Laois

Timahoe Round Tower - Photo by Corey TaratutaTimahoe Round Tower – Photo by Corey Taratuta

In addition to being one of the most complete round towers in Ireland, Timahoe is also one of the most decorative. That distinction comes from its rare Romanesque doorway with its four levels of carved design. As is the case with Irish round towers, the door is about 15 ft (5 meters) off the ground, but still visible from below.

It’s located in a peaceful wooded clearing immediately beside a church, cemetery, and castle remnants. A pedestrian bridge connects the site to the center of the village.

Written by Liam Hughes

Liam Hughes

Liam splits his time between the US and County Tipperary, Ireland. In addition to providing private tours of Ireland, he spends much of his time hunting for broken dishes which he crafts into beautiful shard jewelry.
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  1. Joe Hughes August 23, 2016 at 1:59 am #

    Stumbled across this site and thought I would say hi. Great job here and an amazing craft.

    Did you ever have family from the Flint, Michigan area?

    Keep up the cool work you’re doing and happy travels.

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