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A Stone Palace, Creevykeel Passage Tomb: Creevykeel, Co Sligo

Creevykeel Court Tomb - Photo by Christy Nicholas

Creevykeel Court Tomb – Photo by Christy Nicholas

About 25k north of Sligo Town, there is a massive passage tomb dating about 6000 years old called Creevykeel. It is RIGHT on the main road, and has a small carpark to stop in. There is a clootie tree, or wish tree, at the entrance. You tie a ribbon or rag to the tree, and as the piece disintegrates, your wish is released into the world. Please don’t tie candy wrappers and plastic bags, I saw plenty of those on the tree. Besides, they won’t disintegrate for DECADES.

The tomb complex is quite large, and consists of several ‘courtyards’ and passages between each. The passages are flanked by tall standing stones called orthostats. The site has been extensively restored, and is worth at least an hour of exploration.

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Written by Christy Nicholas

Christy Nicholas

Christy is an artist, accountant and traveler with a love for Ireland and hopes to move there someday. A variety of her artwork and travel reports are available at www.greendragonartist.com. Christy’s Tips | Website

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