Celtic and Prehistoric Museum: Ventry, Co Kerry


Harris Moore, an American ex-pat, started this private museum about 10 years ago, and has a wonderful collection of items, ranging from ancient bones and artifacts to more recent local crafts in his shop. The collection impressed me, and I’m not easily impressed! This is a fantastic stop on your way around the Dingle loop, especially if you chance upon some inclement weather. We went in while it was raining, and came out to the sun!

There are seven rooms, with goddess figures and iron age tools, a mammoth skull and various other jewelry and weaponry. Admission is a well-spent €4.

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Written by Christy Nicholas

Christy Nicholas

Christy is an artist, accountant and traveler with a love for Ireland and hopes to move there someday. A variety of her artwork and travel reports are available at www.greendragonartist.com. Christy’s Tips | Website

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