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Majestic Kilcrea Abbey: Ovens, Co Cork

One of Cork’s most majestic Abbey ruins, located just South of the Cork to Killarney Road (N20, between Ovens and Farran. It is located closer to Cork, rather than Macroom.

If you stand at the entrance gate to Kilcrea Abbey, facing away, to the West, sighting along the tree-lined boulevard, you can see Kilcrea Castle in the distance, on the far side of a wide, flat field. Due East, on the opposite side of the Abbey, is another expance of wide, flat field — rich with barley — the rises gradually to a prominent, wooded area that I am convince is the remains of a Ring Fort. The three – Fairy fort, Abbey and Castle seem as stepping stones — East-to-West — passing in straight, linear progression, through a river of time. Heady stuff, on a grey morn, as the fog fades away into a robust, blue sky.
Well worth a visit. There is a small parking area, just before the single-lane, stone arch bridge, just Norh of the entrance.

Written by Bob Emprimo

Bob (A.K.A. Italian chauffeur and various misspellings) is based in the US and can be found on numerous travel forums and has visited Ireland 17 times since 1999.
He offers extensive knowledge of Cork and Kerry and has a fascination with general Irish history.

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