Quin Abbey: Quin, Co Clare

Marian shrine near Quin Abbey - Photo by Christy NicholasMarian shrine near Quin Abbey – Photo by Christy Nicholas

Quin Abbey is impressive, yet still charming and intimate. It is only about 9 miles from Ennis, and definitely worth a side trip to visit.

I greatly enjoyed exploring this ruin and the surrounding grounds. It was filled with soaring arches and dancing shadows from the late afternoon sun.

Nearby St. Mary’s Church is also lovely.

Editor’s Note: Quin Abbey is also home to one of the most complete cloisters in Ireland. So a peek inside at the arched walkway is quite interesting. – CT

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Written by Christy Nicholas

Christy Nicholas

Christy is an artist, accountant and traveler with a love for Ireland and hopes to move there someday. A variety of her artwork and travel reports are available at www.greendragonartist.com. Christy’s Tips | Website

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