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The Stunning White Cliffs of Ashleam Bay: Ashleam, Co Mayo

Ashleam Bay - Photo by Christy Nicholas

Ashleam Bay – Photo by Christy Nicholas

Achill Island is very easy to get to, as there is a causeway built, so no ferry is necessary. It’s not far from Westport, perhaps 30 km northwest of the city. And it is definitely worth a day trip to explore it’s infinite views!

The Atlantic Drive meanders around the island, and there are many places to explore and find on this path.

My favorite spot on the island is, hands down, Ashleam Bay. The bay has a sandy beach (Keem Strand), a rugged white cliff, from which you can witness the waves pounding in from the Atlantic and see the tiny houses dotting the hillsides.

There is a narrow switchback road to get up to the cliff top, but don’t be worried – the busses can make it (we saw one while we were contemplating it) and if they can make it, so can you!

The day we went, there were high winds – about 40-45 mph – and it was exhilarating to stand in that powerful force of nature. The sheep were less impressed by the fury, I think.

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Written by Christy Nicholas

Christy Nicholas

Christy is an artist, accountant and traveler with a love for Ireland and hopes to move there someday. A variety of her artwork and travel reports are available at www.greendragonartist.com. Christy’s Tips | Website

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