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Clifden Castle: County Galway

Clifden Castle - Photo by Tony Calland

Clifden Castle – Photo by Tony Calland

Clifden was founded in 1812 by John Darcy who’s family owned a huge estate covering a large part west Galway. The town has many legacies from the days of John Darcy including Clifden Castle. The castle is located below the Sky Road heading out west from the town, and the entrance can be seen on the left by a triangular grass island. There is a sign on the front at the top of the lane that states “Private Entrance.” However there is a foot traffic right-of-way provided you stay on the lane.

Through the Arch passed the new house on the other side of the Arch and 20 yards on, a handmade sign points to the castle (probably to stop people going through the genuinely private gate). The laneway continues its loop downwards between the Standing Stones and on. Sensible shoes are needed; at the bottom of the path the fence was damaged clearly by those avoiding the puddles. Three sides of the castle can be approached… the westward side being fenced of farm land.

Clifden Castle - photo by Corey Taratuta

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