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Tapping Toes and Bursting Bellies while Hanging out with the locals at the Bridge Bar: Ramelton, Co Donegal

The Bridge Bar - Photo by Infinite Ireland

The Bridge Bar – Photo by Infinite Ireland

In the sleepy village of Ramelton, there lies a local pub that shouldn’t be missed on your travels through County Donegal.

The Bridge Bar was packed full of locals when we arrived, the only seats left in the pub were next to the musicians so we squeezed right in. We ate a tasty dinner and chatted in between sets about music, politics and traveling until the wee hours of the morning. Missing out on a spontaneous session the night before, the members of the band not only invited us to play their instruments, but to tea the next day.

This cozy bar is a great place to meet locals getting a pint at the end of the day. The delicious dinners will keep you returning on future visits. Salads, soups, and a variety of seafood options are stars of the menu, but the primary draw to the Bridge Bar is the music. Many sessions are prearranged so you may want to call ahead to find out the schedule. However, if nothing is planned during your visit you may still want to stop by for the people, the food, and if you are lucky a little impromptu craic.

We went back to the Bridge Bar several times during our week in Donegal and had similar experiences with the locals–always friendly and chatty over good food and music.

Written by Stephanie & Joe Chastain

Stephanie & Joe Chastain

Stephanie and Joe Chastain just can’t seem to get enough of the Emerald Isle. After visiting Ireland for their honeymoon six years ago (and many times their after), the two have developed a passion for helping first time visitors plan their trip to Ireland. Watch for the launch of their new site in the coming months! Stephanie & Joe’s Tips | Website

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